Fase Launch Tools To Help Fire Alarm Engineers

Apollo Addressing App

We've launched a battery size calculator and an app to help address Apollo Fire detector cards.

We offer fire alarm design, supply and commission services where Fase design and supply equipment for a fire alarm project and then an electrical company installs the system. Once installed, we commission and certifiy the new system.

One thing we often see is the struggle when addressing Apollo fire alarm devices using the Apollo Xpert card, especically if you dont see these too often.

To help, we have written and launched our Apollo Addressing App. Simply enter the address number required and our app will show which pips on the Xpert card need to be removed. Of course, this is for use at your own risk and there is a confirmation page which needs to be accepted.

We have also launched our Fire Alarm Battery Size Calculator which ensures that the correct fire alarm batteries have been installed. Simply add your Quesicent and Alarm Load readings in milliamps and our fire alarm battery size calculator will tell you which size batteries need to be installed. You can then download the report for your records.

View Our Battery Calculator And Apollo Addressing App
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